Thursday, March 5, 2015

3D figures - Wire & Tin foil

One lesson in one age level influences another age level in Art class. Such was the case recently when Art 1 & 2 (secondary) wire sculptures were displayed in the main stairway lobby. Y9 students asked, when will they do the same? One student in particular was fascinated by the movement the wire suggested in the sculptures.

Art 1 & 2 (Secondary) Wire Figure Sculptures up close, on display.
Art 1 & 2  Wire Figure Sculpture in progress

Secondary students studied drawing from the figure, and moved into 3D units, applying the proportions and gestures of the figure again, working in the round. Y9 students previously also learned the proportions of the figure, so, it would be an opportunity for them to consider the spatial qualities of 3D Art. 

I found this lesson on Art Teacher blogs and thought of it immediately. The younger students worked with tin foil and followed teacher led instructions to create the figure they could pose. It was taped to a construction paper base. Then, students imagined the shadow the figure would cast in black crayon. There was lots of excitement in the class and students titled their sculptures too.

Y9 Tin Foil Figure and Shadow in progress.
Y9 Tin Foil Figure and Shadow

Y9 Tin Foil Figure and Shadow