Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cave Cafe - Mural Activity Y8-11

The Beautify the School Art Activity for Y8-11 was asked to add to the existing Mural at the entrance of the Cafe Cave at the beginning of the school year. Secondary students, Africa House, last year painted the Tree Mural. Planting Trees is one of the missions of our school, the mural supported our interest and efforts by students and staff. 

Since our sport animal is the Bear, it made sense to make the connection to the interdependence of the environment to the animals within it, like the Brown Bear, in Slovakia.

What began as an entry hallway mural, extended into the room outside the Cave Cafe, which has three doorways into storage and maintenance rooms. 

The Entry Hallway in progress.

The room with doors for maintenance and storage, plus the Cave Cafe door.