Monday, March 9, 2015

The Homework Machine - Y8 - Y11 Mural Activity

Inspired by the poem, The Homework Machine, by Shel Silverstein, we transformed an ugly wall on the top landing between Y10s/11s and Y8s/9s classrooms at our school. Electrical boxes and other 3D protrusions from the wall are integrated into the Mural. 5 students, from Y8, Y9, and Y10, and myself, Ms.Lesa, did all the work, part of the Mural Activity after classes. It was completed between January to March, 2014. We met once a week for 1 hour. Follow the process below.

The video shows more photos of the process, mural in progress, and inspiration.

What might the homework machine need?

We had 3-4 sessions where students created sketches of their ideas for the Machine. I put them together in to 3 or 4 drafts. When finalized, students added color. We ordered paint to match their sketch

The final drawing.

Drawing on the wall complete!