Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Crazy Coil Pots

Art 1 & 2, 2014
Art 1 & 2, 2014
My first year here we arranged a class with the neighbor Ceramic studio set up for classes. Art 1 & 2 students did a starters class in clay making with coil built vessels, better known as the crazy coil pot. 

Younger students, of course, wanted to try it out this year, and now our Kiln has been tested and glaze purchased and all tested. We started our Pottery classes and Y8s to Y11s built crazy coil pots.

Our Cone 4 glaze is something I am getting used too (see below), still experimenting. Still lots of success.

Students roll out clay, cut with wire tool around a circular item to create the base; then make coils by rolling clay, marbles, and spirals. They had to go up to 4 levels. When putting two pieces of clay together they could use clay glue (slip) or scratch and attach with slip and a toothbrush.

Ceramic vocabulary was part of the process, as well. The drying (leather hard), glazing, and Kiln fire processes (bisque) were explained at the beginning of the workshop. Then repeated again as we progressed.

Y9 Cray Coil pots drying
Glazing Crazy Coil pots.

Glazing Crazy Coil pots.

Y9 Crazy Coil pots.

Y10 Crazy Coil pots, out of the Kiln.