Saturday, June 6, 2015

Cave Art - Y5 to Y13

 There are so many ways for students to explore and teachers to teach Cave Art. Inspired by the active and enthusiastically positive Y13 class one year, we made and used cave art 'paint', which is a mixture of animal fat, or berries, and pigments from plants, trees, or the earth. We used lard/margarine as our binder and mixed into it shaved charcoal from drawing sticks, earth tone chalk, and soil. It was messy, hard to work with, and an experience! 

For the younger age students, they worked in pairs or as a class to create their Cave Drawings with charcoal and chalk. We imagined what it was like to live in a Cave so many years ago, before cars or TV. What did people eat? Why did people draw things on the cave walls? Where and when were they found? Pictures of Cave Art from France were shown, and where they appear around the world, Australia, China, South America, etc.. We put stamps on the world map in the classroom. With another class, we read the book 'The First Drawing' by Mordicai Gerstein, which is about a boy in Ancient times who comes across a wooly mammoth!

For older classes, we identified the type of lines, overlapping shapes, and the scale as well.

Y8 class working in pairs or alone.

Y5 class cave art.

Y6 class cave art.

Y5 class working together on one large Cave wall.

Y11s working in pairs or alone

Y7s and 8s working in pairs or alone.

For a sense of scale in a photo for kids.