Monday, November 23, 2015

1pt Perspective Secondary

The goal for this unit is a Cityscape, at 1 or 2 pt. perspective. Not knowing the skill levels of my secondary students, except for one student, I did a lengthy review and some history on Brunelleschi, I found out, for the first two or three classes. Khan Academy videos backed up these lessons really well, Linear Perspective: Brunelleschi's Experiment, and How One Point Perspective Works.

 Sticking with 1pt Perspective, next, we did a simple street scene with trees and clouds.

Focusing on buildings alone now, students worked with shapes in 1pt. Perspective by manipulating them.

A flipped class for some resourcing material for the Cityscape. Students found significant historic buildings, architectural structures, and Modern and/or Contemporary buildings. 

Draw one of them.
teachers version

Final, are you ready? lets put it all together into a Cityscape! Prep drawings in progress. Next, color and inking in.

Final inked in drawings. The other requirement for this assignment is a critique of each others work.