Sunday, December 13, 2015

1pt Perspective Elementary

1pt perspective, how to, for my classes 8-13: show samples and then demonstrate, together, the basics through a few exercises: horizon line, vanishing point, vanishing point lines and verticals, with basic shapes, and their name (4-5 letters). 

The final drawing is a street scene. They require trees and clouds, people and vehicles, and students are given how to's, then their imagination takes over. 

The stipulation I give are the following: 3+ buildings with windows  and/or doors on the vanishing point side, trees, clouds, and look finished. It can be fantasy, realistic, futuristic, modern, abstract. What fun to see the outcomes.

At some point, closer to the ending of the process, my powerpoint on the dramatic effects of 1pt perspective in 2d art, modern and popular culture, was helpful too. Included in it are comic books, Art History, Star wars 3d effects.



from y8s, in no particular order.