Thursday, June 16, 2016

Building Clay Skills - Elementary

Pinch Pot Creatures, Y8. Age levels 5 up learn how to make pinch pots.

It is satisfying to see students grow in their clay building skills and techniques. Y8 this year, surprised me. They wanted to create Pinch Pot creatures, then I showed them how to join two pinch pots to make a sphere. They were so quick and interested. We also got into Coil pot making!!

Y12 & 13s made their first Slab build containers. It was challenging and there were a few redos, and experiencing cracks and kiln failures. All in all it was not a total loss, and there were happy faces.

Now that techniques are being applied repeatedly, and mastered, glaze techniques and who knows perhaps wheel turning is in our Secondary future?
Two Pinch Pots create a sphere, egg, ball, to carve into, y8 here again. This 2nd build technique attaching and sealing joints/seams. A hole is needed to let air escape when in kiln.

Coil build, y7 here, with solid base. Slip attach is done. Rolling coils evenly, making spirals, and marbles to create a design.

Y8 first time making coil build pots.

Slab build, y13 first time creating containers with lids. Techniques for closing seams are learned and practiced.

Slab build, Y13 class glazing