Thursday, June 16, 2016

Coil Weaving - 11 to Secondary

Coil weaving is so beautifully handmade and it hits notes in Art History, Culture, Fine Art, and Crafts. Plus, it involves stitching, and motor control skills, and persistence. It is found in many ancient cultures and transferred to tourist items today, large and small baskets and other items are exhibited in Galleries, and Museums, around the world.

We used an assortment of yarn weights, and two types of rope. One has a hard center to it, the other, as you can see below, does not. There isn't a huge difference between the two.

This was my first attempt (above), a sample for students. It was frustrating for the 8 year old class and I abandoned it for DreamCatchers. Some of the 9 and 10 year old classes chose to make one of their own. 11 yo to Secondary took on the challenge, and there you will see choices being made for color patterns and shape.

Y11 student used a loose wrap to create the stripe-like effect.


Y10 weaving Oops!


Y13 student using two strands of yarn together for the bottom half of the basket.