Sunday, June 12, 2016

IBVA Student - goes to Central St.Martin's, London, Eng.

Congratulations to Jee Soo, IBVA grad 2015, who will be attending Central St.Martin's this fall! She gained an offer last year, and did a foundation year instead at Leeds College of Art. All the best to you!

Schools seem to not consider the student that wants to study the arts, I've found in my travels as an Art Teacher, the Arts are a blob of the unknown, nice to look at.

When I first met Jee Soo I did not know of her determination. She found, or her parents did, an Art teacher in the community. An artist from England, married to a Slovak. She stopped going to him consistently after 8 months or so after I arrived. Her plan was to go to Art School. She was determined. THIS is what students are doing to get to art school, or arriving there completely at a disadvantage, no fault of their own. Some/many Schools are not providing them the support they deserve, like all students.