Wednesday, October 19, 2016

5-7 Choice Based ART

Painting with the 5-7 yo last year, using pippets, was a class of discovery for students. Reggio Emilia theory and practices, found out, confirmed my hunch that children learn when given questions to explore, materials, etc. 

Experience based learning, and Teaching for Artistic Behaviors comes into the art room mix as well.

I am documenting choice based learning in my ART class starting this year. I use stations, painting, drawing, weaving, reading, building. I introduce materials and questions, or projects, at each station as students explore. When I demonstrate, it is 'just enough', and provide samples, but then, let them GO! In this way, they engage, control, and own the outcome.

Printmaking and Clay will be new stations, and others, during the year. They return to what they have done before naturally and start again and improve. It is a learning curve for me.

A typical class at this time of year: aboriginal dot painting, scarecrows paper cut and glue, building robots from our box of random things (assemblage), painting, building from cardboard box.