Thursday, October 20, 2016

Painting with Pippets

"Ms. Lesa this is just paint and color!" said one student. This was a new class, no project. "Ridiculous", said another. I set up three different types of paint, opaque, medium transparent, and transparent, in various colors, showed them how to use pippets to pick up paint and release it, covered tables and floor with different types of paper, and off they went.

Painting with pippets was an eye opener for me into the natural abilities of discovery for children. The 5 yo were so careful and curious about mixing pools of color, making potions, and lakes. Landscapes, scrubbing, tilting the paper to make drips run in different directions to make a maze or neighborhood, all came about. A few students remarked on the difference they noticed between the wet painting and the dry one. They preferred the wet one. The variety of paintings in the end was quite stunning.