Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Futurism Murals

Making gradation's with pencil and paint was needed, I found out during a drawing class. Exercises that look like Futurist drawings took a turn when I also found out the Gr. 9 students needed to MOVE! A change in scale was in order!

To begin with, Adrian's futurist circle drawing with gradations. Well done!
Transfer that knowledge to the human figure, see below.

After the Circle/Straight line exercise, Futurist images were shown to students and touched on Art History. The challenge given students: to create the illusion of motion and movement using the human figure. Students redrew (no tracing) the outlines of figures from stock vector drawings, overlapping them. Then coloring in new shapes with gradations, creating a new artwork.

Movement, literally, was needed, for the large size, students took turns laying on the large roll paper (x2 or x3) and traced around each other, lines overlapped creating a mess of lines and new shapes. Everyone had to participate.  In the same groups, they chose color schemes (or not), and painted the NEW AREAS made by the overlapping figures.

So we went large, working in groups. It worked well, and the finished mural size artwork are installed in the student Dorms. Good work!