Monday, June 19, 2017

Visual Arts, Blog Portfolios - Gr.9 & 10

The Portfolio requirement is created as a Blog. This is the end of year Exam

Gr. 9 & Gr. 10 students select works from this Term and take 'studio' photos of them. How to create a blog and customize it, is done by projector and one-on-one and small groups. The expectation is that students will take it from there and make it their own.

Any written assignment, however, can be daunting for ESL students. To write in English, learn a new format, and social media program is overwhelming for many . So, I kept this in mind and assured students they could do it.

Teachers, I know, sometimes require a Blog for their students all year and have some success. I haven't tried it before, but I may now! It was a good experience for all, I think. 

Students include the following, Artist Statement, Photos of Artwork, Captions (title, material, dimensions, year made), Descriptive/Reflection paragraph, and customization of Blog. The presentation of Artworks, as a whole, includes the navigation properties of the Blog as well.

Here are a few from Gr.10:

Wendy's Art Portfolio Blog

Jacky's Art Portfolio Blog

Herbert`s Art Portfolio Blog

Eric's Art Portfolio Blog

And, a few from Gr.9:

Snow's Art Portfolio Blog

Katie's Art Portfolio Blog

Joyce's Art Portfolio Blog

Adrian's Art Portfolio Blog

I chose these Blogs as samples, they were also the most complete. Any end of year project is difficult for students, they are tired, and things were missed, or not as complete or thorough as they could have been earlier in the year.