Thursday, June 1, 2017

Weaving and Culture

First, we started making Dreamcatchers and Ojos de Dios. As students finished, Weaving on a Loom, square or round, was introduced. Coil weave baskets followed soon after. In one class, 5 projects, and 5 choices.

At some point, the powerpoint Weaving and Culture: Making Connections, provided the evidence, a review or introduction to cultures and weaving techniques, pattern, and color choices, and the history of weaving.

This led to Museums and research of an object, online, at the Textile Museum of Canada web site, and collection, Research Worksheet.

This is one of the best classes for engagement, and we all had a lot of fun. Students wanted to put the Dreamcatchers and Ojos de Dios in the cafeteria windows. So we did! They were beautiful in the light against the white shades, seeing them from the street and sidewalk (see below).

Coil weave basket, yarn and rope, 10cm x 6cm, 2017