Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Media Arts - iphoneography -

Portrait by Bibi C. (Student work)

Portrait by Bibi C. (Student work)

I struggled with Teaching Photography before. Like most, I hope, who have Photography training, I tend to go straight to the technical properties of cameras and photo taking instead of the ART of the Photograph and Subject. This time, I took a different approach, and I'm happy with the results. I will also tweak a few things next Term.

I found 3 lessons from a Photographer who suggested teaching kids, specifically High School kids, in a way which takes realistic view of the capabilities of Digital Technology and in particular the Smart Phone and iPhone.

After 3 Assignments/Exercises my students are gaining an understanding of the parts of a Photograph such as, Subject, Lighting, Background, Mood, and Techniques - like Depth of Field, Cropping, Full Frame in Camera, The Rule of Thirds, etc..

Yes, they learn about the 'Rule of Thirds'. We looked at Portraits, with Powerpoint, comparing Portraits from photographers such as Diane Arbus and Vivian Meier, and random 'Selfies'. We had classes where we viewed and critiqued each other's work.

Students demonstrate the beauty of B & W photographs, Mood with color, and that Depth of Field can be achieved when photographing small Toys. All of the photos here are by my Students and are/were taken with Smart Phones and iPhones. Not bad at all!

Mood photo by Cynthia.

Toy Story (Depth of Field) by Cynthia.

Portrait by Jacky.

Portrait by Jake.

Toy Story (Depth of Field) by Lucy.

Toy Story (Depth of Field) by Lucy.

Mood Photo by Vivian.

Toy Story (Depth of Field) by Vivian.