Sunday, November 19, 2017

Shibori, Tie Dye, Adire

Students are shown three fabric dye techniques with cultural influences. Shibori is practiced in Japan, usually with stitching and folding techniques, and indigo dye. Tie Dye is an America's 60s tie and twist fabric and dye many colors technique. Adire from the Yoruba, Nigeria uses a resist technique and one color dye, traditionally indigo. Today, various multi color dyes are used. Then students were left to do their own folding Shibori-like, come up with their own designs for resist, and tie dye as they wished. Here are some results. Gr. 10 class, 2017.

We used a Tulip brand dye kit. It provides squeeze bottles with dye mixture, add water and go. It also includes plastic gloves, plastic worksheet, and elastics. Terrific for school setting.