Friday, April 13, 2018

Masks and Cultures (2)


Students are making masks. They plan, and create their unique mask after first researching masks and cultures. They have a choice of materials to work with: papier mache, paper pulp, and/or plaster gauze (with a layer of plaster over it).  Students use different supports as well: plastic masks as a mold, I provide, balloons, cardboard, or a custom fitting mask made directly on their face using plaster gauze. When all done, students write paragraphs, based on their research and the process of making their own mask, their challenges and successes.

Students used embellishments provided by the school and acrylic paint, or brought their own. We displayed the masks on the bulletin boards in the hallway. Masks are based on those from Indonesia via Hawaii, Iran, Venice (Italy), Mexico Day of the Dead, Northwest Coast Native Art (Canada), China and Japanese Pop culture, legends and myths, and mixed with students' imagination.

Some of the Final Masks