Thursday, May 17, 2018

Printmaking 2018

This year I approached Printmaking classes as a crash course in materials. As a new medium for many students I started with Styrofoam to introduce the basics and the most important mirror imaging and relief cutting. Students love using Styrofoam for its ease. For schools, it's a really low cost material. 

This year I also introduced two color printing with Eraser Block for all grades. In this way, students build upon their skills and understanding of surfaces, tools, and the process of inking and printing.

Along the way, there is a PowerPoint presentation on the history of printing and printmaking up to contemporary artists use on street sewer cover printing and high end book printing. Discussions and demonstrations cover what makes a good print, happy accidents, inking station set up, and pressing techniques (we don't have a bed press).

Finally, for Gr. 11 & 12, they use Lino, and it is their choice to do one or two color prints.

This year, suggested subject matter was endangered animals.

Samples of students work follow.

Styrofoam prints, relief made with pencil.
Styrofoam print, happy accident. Pressing a wet plate, created a print with character.

C's styrofoam print.

K's styrofoam print, two colors.

J's eraser block, 2nd color, or one color print.

J's eraser block for  first color.

One of J's two color prints on color printmaking paper.
N's eraser block print, two colors.

A's eraser block.

K's lino cut prints.

Gr. 11 & 12 lino cuts, colored ink on colored paper.

V's lino cut on color printmaking paper.

O's lino cut prints.

EJ's Tiger and S's Rhino